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I found out about ABCVIP when I asked a friend to help me plan my birthday party. I wanted a chic, easy party where I could enjoy the company of my friends and not stress about organizational details. Immediately my friend suggested ABCVIP, with which he’d had great success in the past.

I emailed ABCVIP with a brief description of what I was looking for, the date, time, and number of expected attendants, and within hours had a response, a wide selection of (and recommendations on) venues, and the ball just kept rolling smoothly from there.

We ended up at the Classic Car Club. I can’t express how impressed my guests were with the evening, and it made *me* look like the shining star (even though really I just outsourced the hard stuff to the best events planning company in town!!)

So professional, so easy, so chic. Everything I was looking for. Can’t believe I’ve ever tried to plan anything any other way — waste of time and resources to not go straight to the experts. Thank you, ABCVIP!!!!!!