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Making art is a celebration of life: whether you have not held a paintbrush since childhood or you are already in tune with your creative self, Creative Awakenings will lead you on an uplifting journey of art-making that will release the living, visual symbols that define who you are.

About Creative Awakenings

“Creative Awakenings” is an uplifting, unforgettable artistic experience where you and your guests become artists! Join renowned artist and Creative Behaviorist, Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs, in a transformative, creative, joy-filled journey of discovery and community that has only been shared at the world’s most exclusive venues.

Creative Awakenings: Where Spirit Meets Science combines the latest research and practices in creativity and mindfulness to awaken your creative genius through a deeply healing experience. Through proprietary practices, you will release what no longer serves and discover a path to the abiding joy that culminates in your creation of a high-quality piece of art.

Get ready to let loose and unleash your creative side – hors d’oeuvres, bubbles, and painting smocks included!

“Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs has become a creatively inspiring addition to the Canyon Ranch Programming Family… The experience “awakens” emotions, creativity and intuition that we forgot, or never knew, was there!” – From Samantha Talora, Communications Coordinator, Canyon Ranch – Lenox, MA

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