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ABCVIP Partnership Intro Guide


With 10+ years of experience in New York City hospitality, ABCVIP has taken Concierge Services and Event Planning to the next level.

We simplified New York City and made it seamless to navigate with our exclusive packages that make everyone feel like a VIP!


Above & Beyond VIP Concierge (ABCVIP) is a Hospitality and Event Agency Concierge and Event Planner. ABCVIP is setting a new standard by leveraging a network of carefully selected partnerships in the dining, wellness, attraction, and entertainment industries to provide a seamless and expertly executed experience.


We help our partners thrive by sending them our extensive network of corporate clients, hotel guests, and the general public through private events and experiential packages.

We are in no way a “discount company” or one of those third-party “experience” sites. We are Experience Curators and our clients know they will be paying slightly more by booking through us but will be getting a much better experience so it is worth it.


We are the concierge for 10+ hotel properties, a private membership club, and a sports league  totaling 4,000+ rooms along with our own network of travelers and New Yorkers. We also have a reach through our partnerships of 600k+ and offer a social media program to enhance engagement.

The company is proud to be affiliated with repudiable local and international organizations.


We are interested in partnering with you. Your venue offers a unique experience that we believe the guests of our hotels and our private clients will enjoy!

Partnership Process



  • The description of the package/s including the exclusive ABCVIP touch (package breakdown below).

  • The package price including 20% gratuity for your staff and we provide our resellers certificate so the guest pays tax on our end.

  • What days/times (and lead time) we are to offer each package – we actually prefer your slower times as it provides a better experience for our clients.

  • Any images and videos to enhance the product!



  • We build the packages as products on our website, create content for social media for additional exposure.

  • We steward the clients from the moment they book until they arrive at your venue and handle the follow-up.

  • We limit each package to 6 reservations per time slot to never overwhelm your staff.

  • We provide our CC for you to have on file so you can run it per reservation or day.


Guests can search for experiential packages by category such as drinks and dining, entertainment, tours, and more!


Here is quick walkthrough of website and user experience.

Prospective clients can easily submit a form on the website that outline their budget, preferences and needs. We then pick from our extensive network of venues and find the perfect match! 

Experiential Packages

To create amazing experiential packages, we work together to create an exclusive component that we call the ABCVIP Touch.

All are curated to provide a white-glove experience for a reasonable cost and are all-inclusively priced with 18-20% gratuity for your amazing staff!


A big part of our business is planning and hosting corporate/private client events so we can help your guests with any of their event needs.

We aim to offer our partner venues as the first options to our private clients and ensure we stay within your budget and exceed their expectation with our amazing partners!


Each experiential package page includes a description of the experience, prices, the ABCVIP Touch, and add-on options.

Once the guest checks out with us, all they have to do is arrive (on time) and enjoy a VIP experience for around the same price they would have typically spent!

The Experience

We’ve worked closely with our partners to prearrange Experiential Packages that are curated in-house and are 100% exclusive to us.

Whether it’s a pasta making class, Sopranos Tour, or tableside risotto prepared in a wheel of cheese, ABCVIP experiences are sure to impress!

Experiences can be offered during your venue’s slower times to drive business throughout the day or night.

The ABCVIP Touch

Our exclusively curated experiences all include a ABCVIP touch to make everyone feel like a VIP!

The touch can vary depending on the package, such as priority seating, swag bag upon arrival, meet and great with musicians or performers, and special attention from staff!

Packages must include an exclusive to demonstrate the value of the partnership.

The Fine Print

The fine print are any details regarding the package that the guests need to know prior to booking.

Examples include booking minimum for groups, substitutions for cocktails, and what is included in the package.

Partners can provide any messaging pertaining to the package that guests should know about prior to booking.


If you are interested, we’d love to schedule time for a Zoom call to continue the conversation!

Thank you for your time and consideration.