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Slice Out Hunger is a 100% volunteer-run nonprofit that has raised OVER $590,000 to fund hunger relief efforts around the US since launching in 2009!

About Slice Out Hunger

The original idea was simple: use food donated by independent pizzerias to raise money for local food banks and pantries with proven track records. Slice Out Hunger’s first pizza party featured about fifty pizzas from half a dozen pizzerias in NYC and raised about $500. Slice Out Hunger’s last major event IN NYC raised $75,000 in just three hours, featuring 1,700 pizzas from over 60 of the best pizzerias in New York City.

The size of the $1 Pizza Party continues to grow and they’re constantly adding new campaigns to help both communities in need and small businesses alike.

Slice Out Hunger is helping the COVID-19 pandemic with Pizza vs. Pandemic!

How It Works

You make a donation.

Your tax-deductible contribution will be added to thousands of others and used to fund pizza orders where care workers need it the most.

SOH identifies care centers in need.

• Using news reports and your suggestions, we look for the care workers in the greatest need. We then contact them to coordinate their order, including safety protocols.

SOH mobilizes a local pizzeria to deliver.

Slice finds a nearby independent pizzeria, ensures they can accommodate the care center’s needs and places the order using contributed funds. All fees have been waived for orders placed through Slice.

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