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Plants add a subtle beauty and natural dimension to your space. Adding live plants to a space has many Biophilic Design benefits like reducing stress, increased productivity, reduce noise, and even clean the air!

About Luludi Living Art

A local woman-owned business; Luludi Living Art launched in 2011. The owner, Liza Fiorentinos, developed Luludi in New York after living and working in Paris for 15 years for CNN and CNBC. Liza felt that people spend too many hours indoors under fluorescent lights and wanted to work with Biophilic Design to bring life to living spaces. Today, Luludi works with many corporations and properties in NYC to beautify their indoor and outdoor spaces sustainably with classes, living art, and moss wall gardens. Luludi’s design shop is located in Astoria and some of her classes include:

◆ Traditional or Themed Terrarium Class ◆ Zen Crystal Terrarium Class ◆ Fall Succulent Class ◆ Zodiac Terrarium Class ◆ Sand Art Class with Air Plants ◆ Houseplants and Succulents 101