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Intuitive energy healing clears blockages at the root cause and is fundamental to a healthy balanced system. Before disease enters the body physically it enters your energetic field as negative thoughts, stagnant energy, and painful emotions. Clearing your field and chakras restores and strengthens your connection to yourself and your Divine inner wisdom.

About Energy Healing with Esther

Whereas conventional medicine diagnoses and treats symptoms and diseases, Intuitive Energy Healing assesses and corrects disturbances in the body’s energies, at the root cause. Using a variety of unique healing techniques restores the balance of your energy field moving you towards the wellness of body, mind, and spirit. Relaxing and rejuvenating.


“I had a rough time trying to find my true purpose, to understand what I really wanted in life, and discover my higher mission. I felt stuck in my job and overwhelmed by the stress with my partner and kids. Speaking with Esther felt like speaking to an old friend – so wise, so sensitive, and empathetic. I asked her questions that had polluted my mind for months and she was able to give me the answers that just felt right. She’s blessed with superpowers to see and read what we mostly don’t see. The session with her deeply touched my heart and gave me a lot of positive energy and confidence.”
Xenia Danilova
Entrepreneur, Wife, Mom
“I did not really know what to expect when I had my reading.  Esther was calm, reassuring, and very positive throughout. Her message confirmed and clarified my sense of purpose, timing, and desire to create, contribute, and be of service in a big way. She guided me in a financial decision that has turned out to be very lucrative. I have since been able to move forward from a more confident and secure base, knowing that I am heading in the right direction.  I cannot thank you enough, Esther, for this level of peace and clarity.”
Cheryl Thibault
CEO, Entrepreneur
ARC Call Performance Solutions
Esther is a psychically gifted empath, seeker and reader.  I recently had an Akashic Records reading with her and gained some valuable insights about my often strained relationship with my mother.  The reading goes deep, to the soul level.  I found it very insightful and empowering.
Donna Kemper
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner