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Hotel Front Desk Training Module

ABCVIP is Your KEY to NYC!

We are a Hospitality and Event Agency that is making a difference by helping the guests of our hotels have an exceptional experience, our hotel agents make more money, and local venues thrive!

This training guide will:

1. Walk you through the ABCVIP website

2. Show how easy we made it for our guests t have a great experience

3. Explain the Commission structure

Our Value

From unique experiences to events, we do it all so you and your guests can live their best life!

We’ve worked closely with our partners to prearrange Experiential Packages that are curated in-house and are 100% exclusive to us.

All events, virtual and live, give back to the community, create a fun environment, and have helped countless New Yorkers find meaningful, personal and professional, relationships.

Experiential Packages

All of our Experiential Packages are exclusive to us, curated in-house by our team, and are easy to book right from our website.

All are curated to provide a white-glove experience for a reasonable cost and are all-inclusively priced with 18-20% gratuity for the amazing staff!

Concierge Packages

Whether a guest wants an amenity in the room at check-in or an itinerary planned, we can accommodate their requests to make your life easier!

From Romantic to Birthday, Proposal to Bachelor/Bachelorette, we offer it all so when a guest wants to enhance their stay, we have you covered!


A big part of our business is planning and hosting corporate/private client events so we can help your guests with any of their event needs.

Additionally, we host our own events that you are welcome to attend and your ticket is always on us as a thank you for all that you do!

Your guests can build their whole itinerary right from our website! 

We have categories for:

Drinks & Dining • Entertainment • Tours • Family • Interactive Experiences • Half and Full Day Packages… and so much more!

We have also provided a live printable presentation of all of our packages that can be viewed HERE

Here is a little breakdown video of the website functionality and ease of booking! 


There is no “i” in TEAM!

We made it EASY to impress your guests! Your Hotel has a spreadsheet (see below) that you can view including a tab for communications, easy and quick nearby recommendations, and more!

Marriott at 1717 Broadway 
DoubleTree at 8 Stone Street

Together, we will make every one of your guests have an incredible experience!

Please see the short breakdown video of the sheet below.

Guests can search for experiential packages by category such as drinks and dining, entertainment, tours, and more!

ABCVIP Exclusive Experiences

ALL of our packages are 100% exclusive to us and our prices range from $25 and up so we have something for everyone!

All prices are all-inclusive and provide 18-20% gratuity for the staff of all of our packages.


The Breakdown:

Once the guest checks out with us, all they have to do is arrive (on time) and enjoy a VIP experience for around the same price they would have typically spent!

The Experience

We’ve worked closely with our partners to prearrange Experiential Packages that are curated in-house and are 100% exclusive to us.

Whether it’s a pasta making class, Sopranos Tour, or tableside risotto prepared in a wheel of cheese, ABCVIP experiences are sure to impress!

The ABCVIP Touch

Our exclusively curated experiences all include a ABCVIP touch to make everyone feel like a VIP!

The touch can vary depending on the package, such as priority seating, swag bag upon arrival, meet and great with musicians or performers, and special attention from staff!

The Fine Print

The fine print are any details regarding the package that the guests need to know prior to booking.

Examples include booking minimum for groups, substitutions for cocktails, and what is included in the package.

ABCVIP Concierge Services

Concierge Services are offered in different pricing tiers and guests also have the option to build their own package!


When you give guests recommendations for ABCVIP Experiences, ask them to put your name in the Apply Code section and we can track your sales for commission
but also allow you to track guest bookings!


Each package has a commission of 10% which can really add up!

HERE you can view the shared spreadsheet that lists package details including commission amounts.

We track commissions through our online bookings and will be paid out at the end of the month through Venmo or Zelle.

As an ADDED bonus, the top-performing agent for each property will be awarded an additional $50 in ABCVIP Experience gift cards each month!

We LOVE suggestions!

As the Front Desk Agents, you have unique insight to what guests need and want! We love to hear your suggestions that can help improve experiences or information we should offer on our site!