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Virtual Energy Healing Session

$250.00 60 minutes

Break free from what is holding you back with this healing session!

The Experience

This Virtual Energy Healing session will provide a lightness of being, clarity of mind, all while restoring your wholeness and good health. This virtual intuitive reading and healing session will help you identify what you are holding on to, why it is holding you back, and the Chakra Balancing and Akashic Record Reading will help you LET IT GO.

The ABCVIP Touch

Esther exclusively offers ABCVIP clients a Chakra Balancing and Records Reading with her Energy Healing Session!

The Fine Print

This experience is virtual but we can offer in-person for an additional cost. We can also be flexible on days/times for this session so please contact us and we would be happy to coordinate based on your schedule!


Important Information

Virtual Energy Healing Session was curated by ABCVIP and Energy Healing with Esther

When you book with us, you’re family! Here are some house rules:

Due to the preparation and coordination that goes into ensuring an exceptional experience, all sales are final, with no refunds or exchanges.

Please be sure to sign on to Zoom at your scheduled time so you get your full session!

Details to note for this experience:

This is a virtual session so please find a quiet comfortable place, sign on to the zoom link at your appointment time, and enjoy this incredible and freeing experience!

This experience is good for one person and bookings are on a first-come, first-serve basis – if the date and/or time you are looking for is not available or you need special accommodations, please email us or call/text us at 917.727.3639.

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