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Highly Effective Stress Relief Session with Havening Therapy

$450.00 60 minutes

Learn how to manage your stress and/or trauma with this unique state-of-the-art treatment!

Havening is a relatively new psychosensory treatment approach and is the gold standard in terms of providing quick, effective emotional relief. This invaluable user-friendly treatment approach is easily learned, and individuals are able to apply it to themselves, so they are able to cope much more effectively with real-time challenging situations.

Important Information

Highly Effective Stress Relief Session with Havening Therapy was curated by ABCVIP and Stress Solutions of New York

When you book with us, you’re family! Here are some house rules:

This is a virtual session so please find a quiet comfortable place, sign on to the zoom link at your appointment time, and enjoy this incredible and freeing experience!

Due to the preparation and coordination that goes into ensuring an exceptional experience, we cannot accept cancellations.

This experience is good for one person and reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis – if you need special accommodations, please contact us.

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