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NYC Day Pass

Starting from $140

See New York The Right Way!

Unlimited Sightseeing

Enjoy free admission to over 100 attractions and save up to 50% on admission prices.


See any 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 or 12 attractions within 60 days of 1st attraction visit.

The Value

Choose from 150+ attractions & offers with the Day Pass. Visit as many attractions as you like, pay nothing at the gate. Get around New York City easily while watching the sights with unlimited Hop-on, Hop-off Bus Tours. 4 Observation Decks, 5 Double-decker Bus Tours, and more

Simple Scan-and-Go

Once you book, we will send you a QR code and you can simply scan at an attraction to enter!

Adult Prices
1 Day $140.00 USD Save with ABCVIP!
2 Days $160.00 USD Save with ABCVIP!
3 Days $200.00 USD Save with ABCVIP!
4 Days $230.00 USD Save with ABCVIP!
5 Days $260.00 USD Save with ABCVIP!
6 Days $290.00 USD Save with ABCVIP!
7 Days $315.00 USD Save with ABCVIP!
10 Days $330.00 USD Save with ABCVIP!
Child Prices
1 Day $125.00 USD Save $13.00
2 Days $130.00 USD Save $65.00
3 Days $140.00 USD Save $86.00
4 Days $155.00 USD Save $106.00
5 Days $160.00 USD Save $110.00
6 Days $170.00 USD Save $110.00
7 Days $175.00 USD Save $116.00
10 Days $215.00 USD Save $130.00


FLEXIBLE TRAVEL: Buy in advance – 24 months to activate, all non-used Passes are
refundable with Sightseeing Pass insurance.

    • 140 $
    • 125 $

    • 200 $
    • 2.96 $

Important Information

NYC Day Pass was curated by ABCVIP and

Masks and Social Distancing practices will apply in accordance with CDC guidelines!

Failure to arrive on time may result in a non-refundable cancelation at the discretion of .

A valid 21+ ID is required as this experience includes alcohol.

The price at checkout is all-inclusive, including gratuity for the staff; additional items can be purchased through on a separate check.

Due to the preparation and coordination that goes into ensuring an exceptional experience, we cannot accept cancellations.

This experience is good for one person and reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis

if you need special accommodations, please contact us.

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