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Escape Reality

$70.00 2 hours

How do you escape reality? With cocktails and games that take you to another world! (literally)

Enjoy two VR World signature cocktails at the beautiful new bar area while experiencing two hours of virtual reality games that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Important Information

Escape Reality was curated by ABCVIP and VR World

When you book with us, you’re family! Here are some house rules:

Masks and Social Distancing practices will apply in accordance with CDC guidelines!

Failure to arrive on time may result in a non-refundable cancelation at the discretion of VR World.

VR World is an 18+ venue and a valid 21+ ID is required as this experience includes alcohol.

The price at checkout is all-inclusive, including gratuity for the staff; additional items can be purchased through VR World on a separate check.

Due to the preparation and coordination that goes into ensuring an exceptional experience, we cannot accept cancellations.

This experience is good for one person and reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis – if you need special accommodations, please contact us.

COVID-19 Information

CLEAN, SAFE, FUN – the coronavirus has put everyone on alert. VR World has been the leader in hygienic entertainment since 2017. Everyone is required to wear a hygienic mask. Headsets are disinfected after each use. Employees are required to use purell. Bathrooms stocked with bactericidal soap. Wet cleaning and disinfection performed every night. Tight crowd control throughout the day. UV germicidal chamber for disinfection has been added. VR WORLD – AN ESCAPE TO THE ISLAND OF PEACE.

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