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Amore NYC – The Best Italian Expereince.


FUGGEDABOUTIT — Experience how real Italians live in NYC with our Amore NYC package. We create a customized package for you that will give you the true Italian Experiences

The Experience

In this pasta class, our guests will learn history and fun facts as well as techniques on how to make the perfect pasta. Then, you will actually make your own with the guidance from the master! 

The ABCVIP Touch

This experience was curated with ♥ for ABCVIP guests and, as always, includes priority seating as well as special attention from staff to ensure everyone who books through us feels like a VIP! They will also receive a gift bag with flour to recreate the pasta at home! 

The Fine Print

  • This experience has a duration of 2 hours and the price is per person with a minimum of 5 guests which is $675 and reflected at checkout.
  • The price includes 20% gratuity for the staff so your entire experience is 100% paid for!
  • This experience also includes unlimited wine!

Enjoy the real taste of Italy with ABCVIP!

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