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Wall Street and Healthcare – Investing in the Health of our Community!

Citi Research, SVB Leerink, and Johnson & Johnson are hosting an event to support local NYC businesses and charities.


Join us on September 23rd at the Classic Car Club by donating as directed to one of the charities noted below. 


The event includes food, drinks, and a fun opportunity to connect with each other while supporting these local charities.

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Wall Street and Healthcare Event

“Investing in the Health of our Community!”

You are cordially invited to a Wall Street and Health Care Community Event hosted by Citi Research, Johnson & Johnson, and SVB Leerink on September 23rd from 5 PM – 8 PM at the Classic Car Club located at 1 PIER 76, 408 12th Ave, New York, NY 10018.

Reflecting on the past 18 months we believe that there is a great opportunity to connect our investment and healthcare community together to make a difference.  This period of time has impacted everyone on a very personal level.  We have been fortunate to be working in our respective organizations during this time, however, there are many individuals who are in need of support and we thought it would be an exciting opportunity to bring this group of people together to assist our communities.

The event is by invitation only and is being limited to no more than 65 participants to optimize the event experience and ensure we can adhere to any Covid safety restrictions and protocols in effect at the time. We have targeted three charities that support health, wellness, and basic needs for families and children in New York City.  In order to join this event, you can select one of the donation options below and 100% of the proceeds will support these charities. Please join us at this event and enjoy some fun, food, and drinks with people you frequently partner or work with while also giving back to our community!

To join the event:

Please select one of the charities below and donate a minimum of $500 per attendee. Once we receive your donation, we will issue you a ticket for the event!

The following are the charities we are supporting:

Please note that you are more than welcome to donate more in support of these charities and after you make your donation, we encourage you to submit it through your company match program to maximize the impact for these charities!

We do hope you will join us in making a difference by “Investing in our Communities”. Please sign up and commit early as space is limited.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Chris DelOrefice, Danielle Antalffy, and Joanne Wuensch